PA Hire

Big Jam Studios has a range of industry-standard PA equipment to give your event quality audio. Our PA hire is a collect only service and is custom priced per day based on the amount of equipment needed. All PA  hire includes the relevant cables and stands.  Please contact us now to get a quote and find out more

Active PA Speakers

Untitled design (11)

Pair Of Electro Voice Elx 155P Active Full Range Speakers

Large enough for smallto medium size venues

Pair Of Electro Voice Elx 118P Active Full Range Speakers

Pure sub bass for when you need to feel the ground shake
Untitled design (11)

Pair Of Electro Voice ElX Voice Z1X1112P Active Speakers

Ideal for speech in small venues.

Microphone & Accessories


Shure SM58 Wired and Wireless Microphones

Untitled design (12)

Desktop, Push Button Conference Style Microphone

Untitled design (13)

Wireless Lapel Microphones


Untitled design (14)

Mackie DL32R 32 Channel Digital Mixing Desk With IPad Control