Client Obligations:

Client agrees to provide the below information and media by the specified date. Failure to provide the information by the specified date may result in technical problems for your Project title.

ItemDate Required ByNotes:
Story Board / Production Notes 7 days before stream Please provide as much detail as possible
Set & Props At agreed set up time arranged by e-mail between Client & ProducerEnsure the set is agreed with the Producer before signing this agreement
Lighting Plan 7 days before streamPlease provide as much detail as possible
Microphone List 7 days before streamFor presenters, please specify ‘handheld’ or ‘lapel’ (lapels cannot be amplified through PA system)For musical instruments, please specify all instrument types and whether they need microphones or DI outputs. Remember to include all backing singers.
Logo 7 days before stream Supply transparent PNG file sized for 1920 resolution
Pre-recorded Video Media 7 days before streamSupplied as 30FPS, 48khz audio 1920 resolution. Any other format will cause performances issues in the broadcast software. The Producer can’t be held responsible for performance problems caused by media supplied in the wrong format
Lower Third Text 7 days before stream If you require lower third text and titles, ensure to send your brand fonts and colour guide. To ensure the Producer launches any titles and lower thirds at the correct times, the Client agrees to send a clear plan/cue sheet. It’s accepted that on rare occasions, the Producer may launch an incorrect title, or miss a cue.
Audio 7 days before streamAny audio supplied must be free of copyright. Streams containing copyrighted music may be muted or terminated by the streaming provider. The Producer accepts no responsibility for streams muted or terminated for the use of copyrighted audio.
Social Media Logins 24 hours before stream For every streaming destination, please either offer admin rights to the Producer, or supply an independent login. Please note, YouTube channels streaming for the first time need authentication a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled stream time.
Social Media  Monitoring & Marketing N/AThe Client agrees they are responsible for their own social media channels in relation to marketing and interacting with live viewers/comments.

Producer Obligations:

Producer agrees to provide the following:

4 HD Cameras High quality 1920 x 1280 resolution video   transferred by HDMI The Client accepts that on rare   occasions, a camera can have a fault and HDMI signals can   fail. Any camera fault or HDMI issue does not result in a   reduction of the agreed
project fee.
Custom Lighting Full use of the current lighting rig specified on   the Big Jam Studios website
Microphones The appropriate microphones for the items   supplied by the
Client in the microphone list.
The Client accepts that on rare occasions, a microphone can have a fault and cables signals can fail. Any microphone fault or cable issue does not result in a reduction of the agreed project fee.
Audio Mixing A professional mix of all audio signalsFull soundcheck to be undertaken and agreed by client before broadcast.
Rehearsal The standard rehearsal time is 1 hour before the broadcast.The client agrees that all camera angles and audio balancing set by the end of the rehearsal are fit for broadcast. The Client agrees to view  a pre-recorded segment to confirm this. If this is missed due to lateness on behalf of the client, any technical issues are accepted as a lack of preparation due to the Clients late arrival and no compensation is offered.
Streamed Broadcast Streamed to your specified destinationsThe Client accepts that from time to  time, the visual and audio sync can change on different streaming platforms
HD File Sold as an upgrade. Recorded locally at 5mbps   1920x1280 resolutionThe HD file is held on archive with the Producer for 7 days after your broadcast date.
Live Output Screen 50 Inch wall mounted display Always showing the live camera   angle