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youtube vlogging kent video productionVideo blogging is a superb way to generate attention to your business through regular updates from you. A video blog brings personality and character to your business and is much more likely to gain attention from potential clients than a traditional written blog or advert. Our Kent based video production studio is tailor built to record high quality blogging material with either a white, black or chroma key backdrop. We can create a title screen with your web address, animate your logo and add custom music. All you need to do is book in and start to vlog freely.

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These prices are a guide only. We can price your campaign exactly after a meeting to fully understand your brief.

Studio-Based Social Media Videos

Single 60 Second Shoot & Edit: £95
Monthly Vlogging (3 videos): £229
Monthly Vlogging (4 videos): £299
Monthly Vlogging (5 videos): £375

Ideal for small to medium businesses looking for something engaging to share online.

*Priced based on all footage being shot in our studio at one appointment on a plain background. Price does not include logo animation, green screen or music. See additional services for extras.

Location-Based Social Media Videos

Location video shoots are £45 per hour. This includes the supply and use of tailored equipment to your shoot. Post production prices are £30 per hour. Please get in touch with your specific needs so we can offer you an accurate price.

Additional Services

Make your video stand out from the crowd with some clever enhancements and additional production.

Script writing: From £60 (up to 90 seconds content)
Royalty free intro & background music: From £60
Basic logo animation (no audio) £75
Feature logo animation
(music, sound fx and animated text ) £220
Complex 3D logo animation – POA
(male or female artists available) £75 per minute.
Green screen editing: POA  

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Production Examples Of Blogs

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  • We have used the friendly team at Big Jam Studios to record and produce our company video blogs. It is a great way to communicate with customers both through our website and social media and the positive impact on our business has been almost immediate.
    Alan DoucySharrocks - The Insurance People
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