Record Label, Distribution & Artist Services

Big Jam Studios had partnered with DeeVu Records & Artist Management to be able to offer artists a range of services to help them get their music out there and help get their music careers on track. Navigating the industry can be a minefield at times. Between the Big Jam and the DeeVu team, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to help you get your music out to the world.

DeeVu Records

To submit your info and demo to DeeVu records, please send your demo and  an up-to date bio and press picture to

Digital Distribution

digidistro2Finding a good digital distribution deal that delivers a simple but effective way to get your music into the big online stores and streaming service providers can be a big headache. We’ve done the difficult part for you and have come up with a service that can deliver your music to the best global stores including Amazon, iTunes, google play, spotify and many more. We can do this for a straight 20% fee from your sales revenue with quarterly accounting and monthly trend reports for your music. You don’t need to be set up as a record label and your music can be live in the stores for sale as 4 hours after you hire us as your distributor.

VEVO Videos

vevobj2VEVO provide premium video content for mobile and web to some of the biggest artists worldwide. Digital distribution through the Big Jam & DeeVu partnership, enables us to set up your own VEVO channel enabling you to get seen worldwide. Hosting on Vevu automatically creates a version for YouTube and you can also receive royalties for any music videos viewed via our platform.


Single or Album Cover Creation

jackrose-2Every digital release needs a piece of captivating artwork. Allow our team of designers to design you an eye catching cover either from one of your recent press shots, logo or from the ground up with digital graphics.

£50  (does not include photoshoot or logo creation)


PR & Promo Distribution

bjpr2So you have a massive track you want to release, everybody you know is excited for you and hopeful the track will sell well, but who else has heard it? What DJ’s are supporting it? What online press outlets are tweeting about it, who is blogging about it? Reliable and good press and promo distribution is hard to find and it really depends on your style and image as to who is best to undertake it for you. We’re connected with some of the best and most reliable press and PR companies out there and can get your music submitted to over 1800 radio stations in the UK and the USA. If you’re looking to invest in your music to get it heard by the industry movers and shakers, get in touch for a meet so we can decide on the best plan of action for your individual needs.


mastttThe final stage of your music production process is to gain a professional master of your final track. Whilst Big Jam does offer final mastered audio files, we do not create these through mastering grade hardware, plus any serious artist has their final mixed track mastered by en engineer that did not produce the track in a separate mastering studio to the one that the track was produced in. This way, any imperfections in the mix are likely to be ironed out. We are proud to have a direct link to a top mastering studio which houses some of the best mastering engineers in the world. Allow us to handle your master  to ensure your track is as loud, warm, wide and clear on as many devices as possible for only £65 per track.

Social Media Makeover,

smjpgLike it or not, your social media accounts are as important to your success as your music. Allow us to review your outlets, give your graphics a makeover and offer you guidance to ensure that you’re undertaking the best practices to get your music seen and heard as well as gaining plenty of new fans & followers. A full review and makeover is just £150 (not including photoshoot)

Record Label And Artist Management

Record Label, Distribution & Artist Services

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