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By far the best way to showcase your music to the world is with your very own music video. Whether filming a live performance or choreographed shoot, having a polished video to share online will gain you fans. Being both a music and film studio, Big Jam is in the perfect position to be able to offer you superb quality content at very affordable rates. For the most cost effective video, we create all the content at our Sittingbourne based film studio. For more elaborate and diverse music videos, we have all the equipment and experience to capture and create you something very special. Get in touch with your brief today.

Big Jam Studios Music Videos

  • Kevin Thorpe
  • Big Jam Studios
  • Unit B5 Smeed Dean Centre, Castle Road Eurolink, Sittingbourne Kent, ME10 3EW
  • 01795 385 385

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Solo Artists

Basic Studio Shoot: (no audio recording) From £125 

Track &  Video Studio Combination: From £160

Our studio is suited for filming either a choreographed shoot or live performance.

A location shoot will be priced upon your brief and produced to budget.


Maximum 5-piece band | Record a song and a ‘live’ style studio video: From £299 

Our studio is perfectly set up to help you capture the live, authentic energy and sound of your band.

A location shoot with will be priced upon your brief.

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Karina Stracey - The Power Of Love

Leah Spencer - Earned It (Cover)

Recollections Entertainments - The Start Of Something Big

The Moments - Song Medley

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