Big Jam Team Р Kevin Thorpe

Studio owner and head music producer Kevin Thorpe has over 16 years of production and performing experience in the music scene. From 1998 to 2011 Kevin managed a successful record company, responsible for releasing over 800 singles. His personal productions have been featured on several commercial compilations and gained airtime on BBC Radio 1, where Kevin has personally featured live on two occasions.

As a performer, Kevin is an award-winning DJ who has performed thousands of times across the globe from 1996-2011. In 2011, Kevin took time out from his busy performing schedule to launch Big Jam Studios as a community based studio where he could further develop his own production skills as well as aid others.

Since launching Big Jam, Kevin has quickly gained a superb reputation for his mixing and production skills across a wide array of genres – from Rock, Reggae, Trance, D&B, Acoustic, Pop and many more. A perfectionist in many ways, Kevin pays attention to all the fine details of a production and will only sign a project off once it has reached its true potential.

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