Electronic Producers

Let Big Jam bring out the best in your productions. Our head engineer Kevin Thorpe has over 16 years experience in producing electronic dance music of all kinds, from House to Hardcore, D&B, Dubstep, Trance and Electro. His productions have featured on numerous compilations and gained radio play on major stations around the globe.

Bring or upload your track stems / midi files to us and we will turn your production into the widest, most cutting-edge sound possible. Our special analogue hardware can turn all the zeros and ones in your final bus channel into a well defined spacious slice of audio. Big Jam boasts 32 channels of SSL DA-AD conversion coupled with a range of outstanding analogue outboard and mixers, allowing us to give your track the magic sound of an expensive console. Couple that with the ear and expertise of our engineering and you are on track for the massive results needed for your production to stand out amongst the competition. 

Big Jam Studios Electronic Producers

  • Kevin Thorpe
  • Big Jam Studios
  • Unit B5 Smeed Dean Centre, Castle Road Eurolink, Sittingbourne Kent, ME10 3EW
  • 01795 385 385

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Pricing – Attended/Unattended Sessions:

Half day mix & master session

4 hour block £110 | Subsequent hours charged at £30 per hour.

Full day record, mix & master session

8 hour session £210 | Subsequent hours charged at £30 per hour.

Unattended Mix Session

Single song (up to 30 track stems): £99

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  • Awesome friendly atmosphere to get great professional sounding music production.

    Nick Sanett
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Kevin in Big Jam Studios on numerous occasions now. I can honestly say its a must for anyone wanting to make their tracks come alive. Big jam has all the hardware to make your sounds jump through the speakers and will transform your sound from in the box to a highly industry level, whether its radio you after or club standard Kevin gets your mix sounding tight and has the patience and enthusiasm to get the job done. He treats every track like its his own so if you missing a few chords or a melody isn't right Kevin will knock one up for you in speedy time. He has true passion and love for music which shows in the finished result. I look forward to my next session in Big Jam studios, you guys rock. Mr Swan

    Marc Swanepoel
  • 3D do all their recording at Big jam. The atmosphere is perfect for unlocking creativity and Kevin is an excellent producer and really understands us and electronic music in general. We knew he was the perfect choice to mix our tracks but we didn't expect him to mix so musically. We get a lot of reviews and feedback raving about our sound and Kevin is integral to that. Best studio in Kent? We think so .

    Dean Clarke3D
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