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Big Jam are specialists in helping your company succeed in the digital world through business video productions. Our Kent based business video packages are aimed at small to medium businesses that need to stand out from their competition. We can always work to budget and if need be, bring you top end broadcast material. In order to highlight your business to a high standard, you will want to demonstrate your location, staff and work products. You may want a voiceover, tailor made music, 3D graphics and detailed post production.

Let our Big Jam Studios media team highlight your brand through either a website homepage video, social media campaign or television production. Get in touch today so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and quote you the perfect Kent based business video solution to suit your budget.

Big Jam Studios Corporate Video

  • Kevin Thorpe
  • Big Jam Studios
  • Unit B5 Smeed Dean Centre, Castle Road Eurolink, Sittingbourne Kent, ME10 3EW
  • 01795 385 385

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